Visit the Farm

Individuals and Families

Haile Equestrian welcomes visitors of all ages to visit the horses during business hours.  For the safety of our horses and visitors, we kindly request that horses not be fed from the perimeter fencing (which is electrified).  Visitors are welcome to bring carrots or apples to feed the horses inside the facility during business hours.  There is no charge for visiting, but you must sign in and fill out a liability release prior to interacting with the horses. Current business hours for visiting the horses can be found on the Contact Us page.

Group Visits

For larger groups wanting one-on-one time with our horses and staff members, group visits (non-riding) are offered at no charge. Group visits are an excellent choice for school and scouting groups, club events, company outings, and more. A Haile Equestrian staff member will give a short talk about what we offer at the farm, tour your group around the farm, and answer questions about the horses. Every participant gets a chance to brush a horse and feed any carrots or apples they have brought with them. Group visits do not include any riding time, but riding time can be added based on your group's needs.

For groups wanting to get some time in the saddle, we offer Horseback Riding Workshops. These include everything the free group tours offer, plus more education on the ground and a 15 minute one-on-one mini-lesson for each participant. For more information on these Horseback Riding Workshops, check out our flyer. These workshops meet all of the Girl Scout's Horseback Riding badge and we welcome troops of all ages.

More Information

Reservations are required and larger community events can be customized to meet your group's needs.  Contact us for more information.


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